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MIR Health & Technology. Artisan company for ozone generator products and facial scanner for facial recognition and temperature detection.

MIR Health & Technology

Ozone machines represent a fundamental element if you want to be sure that an environment is totally sanitized and made clean in every respect. Now let’s see which are the best and how to choose them.

What is the ozone machine used for?

Ozone is a gas that allows you to obtain an optimal final result and able to respond perfectly to all your needs. The cleaning that is carried out with this tool is in fact complete from every point of view and allows you to have an environment free of every single germ or bacterium that could have negative repercussions on your health, thus making the situation less simple than expected to face.

The ozone sanitizer therefore guarantees complete sanitation from every point of view and ensures that excessive expenses are avoided when it comes to the purchase of household cleaning products. Let’s see some models that can be defined as the best ever and what are the key features that allow you to choose the best instrument ever, devoid of any flaws.

Face Scanner

High-speed biometric access control terminal with face recognition, mask and body temperature measurement, designed to manage all types of scenarios, especially to contain the epidemic of the COVID-19 Virus, detecting body temperature and verifying the presence of the mask on the face.

It also helps eliminate hygiene issues with contactless access control verification technology.

As mentioned, it can also help in the surveillance of communicable diseases.

During epidemics of infectious and contagious diseases, the recognition terminals with body temperature measurement and mask detection are the perfect choice.

Temperature recognition is as fast and accurate as individual identification of the mask on the face.

"La logica vi porterà da A a B.
L’immaginazione vi porterà dappertutto…"

Albert Einstein
scanner facciale HT
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MIR Health & Technology

Who is MIR Health & Technology

MIR Health & Technology is an emerging company located in Lonate Pozzolo (VA) which deals with 2 main activities::

  • The “Technology” part is designed to offer the public innovative solutions for the care, sanitation and safety of both one’s home and one’s business.
  • The “Health” part is designed to provide a wide choice of products relating to personal care and health, both at a medical and home level..

Each proposed product is the result of careful evaluations, we want to guarantee maximum comfort and maximum quality.

Nothing is left to chance with MIR Health & Technology.

Scanner HT

For which places is it suitable?







HT is a 3 in 1 facial scanner and performs the functions of: facial recognition, temperature detection and mask detection.

The speed and precision with which it operates (1 second) make the HT facial scanner a high quality and indispensable product for large events, companies, schools, supermarkets and all places where there is a large influx of people.

The HT face scanner can be connected to access gates (doors, turnstiles, etc.), automating entry into the desired areas and engaging a lock in the event of an anomaly detected (high temperature, mask not worn, unauthorized person, etc. .).

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    MIR Health & Technology deals with the production and sale of Ozone generator or Ozone generators and produces Face Scanners suitable for clubs, bars, discos and much more.

    Generatore di ozono come funziona

    We can build an ozone generator.

    • How the ozone generator works
    • Face scanners with temperature detection
    • mask worn detection
    • voice alarm
    • tfacial recognition time 1 second
    • used to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic

    Professional ozone generator

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