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Generatore di Ozono – FAQ

Sany03 Ozone Generator

Is the ozone generator How Sany03 certified for the elimination of the Covid-19 virus?

The Sany03 ozone generator, like all existing generators, does not have a certification against Covid-19, as this certification does not exist and it is not possible to have it nowadays. On the contrary, on the Sany O₃ page you can find all the downloadable pdfs with the regulations of the Ministry of Health and the various information on the effectiveness of the use of ozone for sanitizing and sanitizing environments.

How does Sany03 create ozone?

The Sany03 ozone generator takes in the air present in the environment thanks to the fan located in the back of the device. The air is conveyed inside the device and thanks to an electric shock (Corona discharge on a ceramic support) the air is transformed into Ozone which is then dispersed into the environment.

How many auto-on timers can be set?

You can set up 4 auto power timers.

How do the insects and small animals that are possibly in the room (cockroaches, bedbugs, mites, mosquitoes, mice …) react to the treatment?

The small animals, more sensitive than humans to smells and dangers, run away when they feel the ozone. Ozone (heavier than air) tends to creep into the tunnels and passages of the animals, making the environment inhospitable and avoiding, in principle, their return. It is natural that these unwanted guests, if they have an access road, also find it to get away, but the constant use will make the environment inhospitable and will be abandoned by them.

How often can I sanitize with the Sany03 Ozone generator?

It depends on the environment to be treated. A program of use must be drawn up based on their personal needs and necessities. For example, in a hotel room, it is recommended to use it whenever the guest in the room changes. In particular conditions (unpleasant odors or smoke) the treatment can also be performed every day given the ease of use by the staff.

If I open the window to ventilate the room, is sanitation canceled?

No, the ozone has also acted in depth (in the carpets, in the tents, etc.) its effect continues to “preserve” the environment, also because the air change is not performed with infected air but with very normal air. however, ozone continues its maintenance action inside fabrics, curtains, etc.

How long does the deodorant and sanitizing effect last in the treated area?

Like all “classic” sanitation and deodorization treatments, this also takes effect as long as external events do not change the environment by increasing the microbial load and / or unpleasant odors.

What is the maximum environment (as a size) that can be treated with Sany03?

The larger the environment, the greater the treatment time required and the required ozone production capacity. However, the various models produced respond as a maximum treatment capacity to a predefined area in the instrumentation used on board the machine. When the environments become particularly large and the operating times are very long, it is good practice to operate several machines in the same environment at the same time, by doing so you will have the security of a good distribution of the ozone. We can say that a machine, compared to the model and the consequent capacity, treats in a satisfactory way up to approx. 50-100-200-300-400 square meters, but we repeat, it depends on the shape of the room and the internal dimensions present.

What is the maximum programmable continuous operating time for Sany03?

Sany03 revolutionizes use with the adoption of an innovative electronic programming system pre-set as the time of use in relation to the area (m2) to be treated and with additional free programs to program.

What are the risks and what happens if you are unintentionally present during the operation of Sany03?

At these concentrations, ozone does not cause intoxication and / or permanent damage, it can at most cause irritation to the throat and eyes, and possibly a slight dizziness that can be easily eliminated by turning off the machine or moving away from the ozone production area

Why is Sany03 so effective?

As can be seen from the studies carried out on ozone and the extensive bibliography, a few minutes and a good amount of ozone are enough to eliminate all harmful microorganisms and all odors present in the environments.

What routine maintenance does Sany03 need and how often should the dust filter be cleaned?

The maintenance required is to clean the dust filter located in the bottom of the machine. We recommend using a vacuum cleaner and cleaning every 7-10 days if used daily.

How should the machine be positioned for operation

Face Scanner HT – FAQ

HT face scanner

What certifications does the HT face scanner have?

The HT face scanner is a CE certified product.

How do I turn the HT Scanner on and off?

To turn on the HT Scanner just connect the supplied power cord to the power outlet. This way the Scanner will turn on automatically. To turn it off, simply unplug the power cord.

How can I connect it to a pc, smartphone or tablet to change the settings and see the data detected?

To make the connection, take the Ethernet cable supplied with the HT Scanner and connect it to the WI-FI modem through a port. (It can also be connected directly to a Portable PC if it has the appropriate functions) If the connection is made correctly, simply open your Web Search Browser and type the IP address of the Scanner. You will find this address on the Scanner screen in the upper left part. (It is made up of numbers and points). If the search is successful, a screen will open where you will have to enter a username and password. Since yours is the first access, it will not be necessary to provide this data and just click on the button to access and in this way you will be inside the programming system. The password and username can be changed at a later time.

Can the HT Scanner be used both indoors and outdoors?

It is strongly recommended to use the HT Scanner only within the desired premises. Outside it is possible that the temperature reading data may change and lose reliability due to sunlight and heat.

How do I mount the HT Scanner to a wall or stand?

To mount the HT Scanner, attach the bracket to the wall or stand. Place the facial recognition device on the bracket and slide it down to secure it properly. Finally, to fully secure the bracket to the scanner, insert a screw into the underside of the Scanner.

How does the HT Scanner detect the temperature?

To perform temperature detection, place your face in the detection frame designated to measure temperature. The temperature will appear on the scanner screen followed by a voice prompt.

How do I set up the temperature detection function?

Go to Smart Analysis -> Face Detection -> Basic. Check Temperature Sensing to activate the function. You can set the temperature unit and the desired alarm temperature.

How do I set up the mask detection function?

Go to Smart Analysis -> Face Detection -> Basic. > You can enable or disable the Mask Detection function. If enabled, it gives you voice announcements when the person is detected without a mask and restricts the person to access the desired area.

Go to Intelligent Analysis -> Face Detection -> Basic. By default, face detection functions are enabled on the device. Other parameters can be adjusted according to the required situation. (It is recommended to adjust the sensitivity to 2 and the threshold of about 75)

How do I import a face into the software?

Go to Smart Analysis -> Face Detection -> Face Import. First edit the images according to the requirements of the specifications below.

1) The image format must be in .jpg format and the size cannot exceed 512 KB.

2) The format of the image name must be: name_number_gender.jpg.

3) The maximum resolution of the images should be 960×960 and the minimum resolution should be 30×30.

How can I view and if necessary delete the faces uploaded?

Go to Smart Analysis -> Face Detection -> Face Import. Once the image has been loaded successfully, you can view, edit and remove the images from the database.

How can I see all the people I have framed and their temperatures?

Go to Smart Analysis -> Face Detection -> Recognition Registration. There will be records of information such as the captured person’s face, body temperature and other details.

How do I know if the recognition of the loaded faces is really carried out?

Go to Smart Analysis -> Face Detection -> Recognition Registration. If verification is successful, the specific date and time and other information about the person will be displayed in the acknowledgment.

How can I update the Firmware?

Go to System -> Maintenance. Select File Update as the update method. Choose File Version and Update File from Directory. Click the Update button to update the device firmware. Note: Do not interrupt the power or network during the process